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El Camino Hotel & Suites Policies

  1. Reservations Guarantee:
    A credit card, bank deposit or transfer is required to guarantee the reservation. In case of no show, a one night stay will be charged.
  2. Cancellations or changes:
    Cancellations or changes in your reservation are subject to availability, through this website or through the contact numbers, according to the following:

    1. Changes made 24 hours prior arrival are penalty free.In changes in the type of location of the room you must pay the price difference.
    2. In changes in the check in or check out hours fees may apply.
    3. Cancellations made 24 hours prior the arrival won’t be subject to fees.
    4. In cancellations made the day of arrival the first night will be charged.
    5. If the guest does not show the first night will be charged.
    6. Not guaranteed reservations will be respected until 3:00 pm.
  3. Privacy Policy:
    Security is our highest priority to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us. We store any information you enter on our website and we don’t share it with third parties. To check the full version of our Privacy Notice, please send a request at avisodeprivacidad@hotelelcamino.com
  4. Hotel Policies:
    1. Deposit: A $200.00 MXN deposit in cash must be made. It will be refunded at the moment of the check out when leaving the key.
    2. Extra Person: Extra person charge is for $100.00 pesos per extra person in room.
    3. Children: Two children under 12 can share the room with 2 adults.
    4. Pets: We accept only cats and dogs of up to 50 kg. A $300.00 MXN charge per day applies. A deposit of the 25% of the assigned rate applies in case of damages that can be caused (the deposit applies per each pet). All pets with no exception must use a cage; the hotel can offer one in case is required.
    5. Check In: 15:00 hours.
    6. Check Out: 12:00 hours.
    7. Overbooking: In case the Hotel is oversold and cannot offer you the contracted service, to the client with a reservation from INTERNET POWER, the Hotel by its own count will find adequate alternatives to supply the service contracted, that will meet or give better service than the original benefits contracted.The hotel will pay a one night stay plus taxes at a similar Hotel.

      The hotel will pay a one night stay plus taxes at a similar Hotel.

      The guest will be transported by the hotel to the new hotel.

      The guest will be permitted at least one phone call to his house or office.

    8. Internal Regulations:
      Click here to see the hotel’s internal regulations.
  5. Corporates:
    We have special rates for companies and big groups. The rates are ruled by agreement depending on the productivity and frequency of the visits, and the room nights. Contact us through this website or call us.
  6. Travel Agencies:
    We have special services through agreement for the travel agencies through an exclusive code. Contact here or call us.